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Christmas Banana Hammocks That Save Balls

From forced gifting, to travel expenses, to needing to one-up your successful siblings and childhood friends at the bar, the holidays are bank-breaking.

6 Cheap Ways to Appear Wealthy, Even If You Aren't

Rich people donate for tax write-offs. The rest of us donate because it justifies buying banana hammocks featuring testicle innuendos.

We're donating 100% of profits on these limited edition swim briefs to organizations that support men's health.

Saves The Balls For a Trivial $45

Read about Mr. Ballsy below.
If someone asks for a taste, just say it is reserved for special times and this is not one of them. 
No one knows if it's yours or not. Hell, that plane never left the Tarmac, but that dude's perceived net worth just reached Three Comma Club status.
Eleven times out of 10, no one notices you wrote that check to yourself. All they see is a casual $100K check left unattended by the key bowl.
By throwing a gold frame around the photo, we're willing to bet you didn't notice the $8 bottle of Cook's, or the faux-Cuban.
It's the regal fabric that made smoking cool and Hugh Hefner even cooler. 

Go For the Double & Shine On

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