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2 Minute Tasting: Derby Edition

Being a renowned beer expert doesn't mean you have to be a snob who sniffs hops out of mason jars and criticizes friends' growler-cleaning techniques. Enter friend of Shinesty, Evan Butteris, and his 2-Minute Tastings. Because beers fit for shotgunning are not limited to those that are a pale shade of yellow and come in 30-racks.  


In this episode, Evan reviews Left Hand Brewing's Saison au Miel:





Evan is seen here wearing our dapper AF Secretariat Derby Blazer, which is about to sell out so git it while the gitten's good. And if you're a chica or you have a chica in your life, we also have a matching Jockey Flag Kentucky Derby dress.


This year's Kentucky Derby and the slew of parties it brings with it (which are as simultaneously preppy and debaucherous as any frat in the SEC), are on Saturday, May 7. Be ready. 


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