Funny Christmas Pajamas for Adults

There's only one thing better than a fresh pair of adult Christmas pajamas under the tree on Christmas eve and that's sneaking a quick "grocery run" in before dinner time. Introducing the most unique selection of funny Christmas pajamas on the web. We don't care what holiday you are celebrating (or not celebrating)... we've got holiday jammies for you. Because those last minute grocery runs are way less obvious if you're rocking a pair of adult Christmas pajamas that scream "I'm here to pick up oregano and definitely nothing else."

Funny Christmas PJs for All Occasions

Ah, sweet Christmastime. This is one of the few times a year that no matter what you celebrate, you are most likely taking some time off. Since you're probably on holiday PTO, you should most definitely be wearing a pair of comfy cozy festive Christmas pajamas. My best guess would say that you're currently laying on a big ole sectional, a La-Z-Boy chair or an oversized bean bag right about now, thinking about your next meal as you eat the current one, and making the mail man jealous of your sweet holiday pjs. Holiday vacation is meant for relaxing in the most jolly Christmas men's and women's leisure wear, aka comfy ass Christmas pjs. This time of year is literally the only time that EVERYONE is on vacay at the same time. Work basically doesn't exist so don't check your email. Business casual can suck my tush.

You bet your sweet behind that you can find me leisuring on the comfiest couch at Auntie's house wearing nothing but a pair of merry Pajamaralls. Approach at your own risk, dear family members. No, grandma, I do not have a boyfriend, so please stop asking. No, Uncle Bob, I will not tell you my salary because you will compare me to my cousin and it is truly miniscule. No, my office is not a trendy millennial co-working space, someone keeps drinking my oat milk and the fridge smells like old dog breath. Since I have to make small talk with co-workers all day, I truly do not wish to do it while I'm on PTO. My time off is made for relaxing in my red and green holiday pajamas , sipping alcoholic beverages at any hour of the day, and showing my mother that adults can wear funny Christmas pajamas just as often as little kids can. Once the family understands my wishes, they too will want to join me, so send ‘em over to this page to get a pair of xmas pjs for themselves.

Cozy Christmas Pajamas for the Holidays

My grandma used to tell me to wear something nice to bed, because you never know who you will meet in your dreams. To grandma's everywhere, we have created a collection of Christmas pajamas for adults that are so wildly attractive and impressive, that even the boogeyman in your nightmares will swoon and ask where he can snag a pair. These holiday pajamas are ready to impress the man or woman of your dreams every night of this holiday season.

Too many people wait until Christmas Eve to gift their pair of funny Christmas pajamas when the optimal time to wear them is all throughout December. Why limit yourself to one night of pure happiness when you can kickstart that feeling immediately? Is that a crisp orange leaf I heard fall in the distance? I think it was. Just as the groundhog not seeing his shadow means that we hop into Spring, the return of the pumpkin spice latte means that it is inevitably Fall. Well my friends, the PSL came back in August, which means it is definitely Fall time. Since it is Fall, that also means it is 100% acceptable to start wearing your adult Christmas pjs right now.

With patterns like The Ninja Bread in multiple different adult pj options, you can pretend you're a black belt and impose your leisuring dominance through Fall and Winter. Stay warm and wrapped up in the full body condom, also known as our funny Christmas pajamas for adults. These pjs will keep you safe and protected from unwanted responsibilities like emptying the dishwasher, helping cook dinner or being forced to sit at the kids' table. Wear a pair of Pajamaralls to perfectly mesh utility and comfort with multiple pockets, adjustable shoulder straps and patterns that may make you literally blend into the couch. Enjoy this PTO, my friends, if only it could last forever.

Stay Up All Night Waiting for Santa in Awesome Christmas PJs

Don't you remember Christmas Eve as a little kid? Mom and dad got you and your siblings Christmas pajamas that were always red and green and always extremely cozy. They were truly sleep inducing. We would gorge our bellies on fudge and popcorn and all kinds of tasty treats while watching The Polar Express or A Christmas Carol. Our eyes would become heavy, but we were determined to wait up for Santa to show him our new holiday pajamas. Now as an adult, we rush ourselves to bed as soon as possible to catch those sweet sweet z's, but now we do it in adult Christmas pajamas. Although our sleeping habits may have changed, our routine and our comfy cozy pjs will not. Each Christmas Eve, I will continue to fill my belly with sweet treats and snippy bevvy's until my eyes can barely stay open. I will miss seeing old St. Nick once again, but I will be snoozing in comfort. These men's and women's funny Christmas pajamas help us keep the spirit of Christmas alive, one Christmas Eve at a time.