We all know guys usually just sleep naked, but Christmas is the one holiday pajamas aren’t just recommended...they’re required. Men’s Christmas pajamas are more than stylish, they’ll make you sleep as if Santa himself is rocking you on a silk marshmallow cloud. And when you wake up the next morning, your Christmas day outfit is already on and ready for that mid day grocery run for more nog, lessening the glares of disapproval from middle-aged women and the shielding of children’s eyes. Shop our men’s funny Christmas pajamas, because they’re decked out with a snack and remote pocket so don’t even have to leave the couch if you don’t want to. Oh, and you’re probably going to be forced into matching family pajamas anyway, so sit back and let these ugly Christmas pajamas take the reigns.

Looking for Some Epic Men's Christmas Pajamas this Season?

Let's take a look at your winter wishlist. Hmm, some good stuff on there. Who could go without ‘a new pick up truck' to finally replace the Tonka trucks nana gave you. Plus you've wanted ‘17 ponies' for decades now, so we really hope you you get those. But your list is still pretty obviously missing something. (Here's the part where this becomes an ad) You're missing red and green patterned men's funny Christmas pajamas! These footed onesie jollies are a game-changing piece of xmas apparel because they make everything else more fun. Picture yourself in a pickup truck ad riding through mud and over rocky terrain, and now picture you doing it in these men's ugly Christmas pajamas. If that isn't a thing of wet dreams then what is? Oh that's right, you galloping alongside your 17 ponies in your iconic Christmas onesie. Now that's what you've been waiting for. That's why you suffered through decades of lines at the mall to sit on Santa's lap and tell him, through streams of tears, your Christmas wishes which he seemed to forget about the last few years. It's not that you've been naughty, you've just been hitting up the wrong source. We don't care if you've been naughty. We care that you look good, whether you're tearing it up in a truck or prancercising with ponies. Ride on you onesie'd angel.

Forget the Sweater... Be the Life of the Party in Men's Funny Christmas Pajamas.

For generations we have perpetuated the lie that one needs to have keen observational awareness and a quick wit in order to qualify as funny. This is not so. One needn't timing nor creativity when one is wearing our mens funny Christmas pajamas. We've done all the hard work for you so that you can sit back and let the praise wash over you. In fact looking good allows you to phone in most important qualities. Think back to the popular kids in high school. Were they good at math no, they were hot. Did people laugh at their jokes even when they weren't funny? Yes. So ditch your tired sweater attire and your hand me down, yawn-evoking, knit apparel and slap on the comfort and bliss that is these men's Christmas pajamas. These onesies come footed and patterned with red and green, which is a proven xmas formula for cheer, merriment, and good times had by all. Be the center of attention this holiday - be the funny, entertaining, shining star you always knew you could be if you just looked a little better.