Christmas Pajamaralls® are Perfect for Adult Holiday Overindulgence

In an effort to clear up the common misconception that the holiday season is “for the kids,” we've created men's and women's Christmas overalls for adults, and we're calling them Christmas Pajamaralls®. The perfect combination of Classic Holiday Cheer and Being Too Overwhelmed To Try Any Harder, these funny green and red overalls are quintessentially Christmas. Escape all those pesky pressures of adult life that are always destroying our souls from the inside out and take comfort in the form of pajamas you can pass off as an outfit. Classier than anything you'll see on and more comfortable than Santa's lap, our Christmas Pajamaralls® are the gift that truly keeps on giving. Put on a pair of Christmas overalls for a night full of cozy debauchery, and just like childhood memories of Christmas Past, you can feel free to pass out/fall asleep in your clothes and wake up under the tree on Christmas morning ready to go. Because if being an adult has taught you one thing, it's that you can't drink all day unless you start early.

Spend the Entire Christmas Season in Pajamaralls®, the Christmas Overall for Adults

Christmas overalls are the ideal outfit for all holiday-related activities. From braving the weather and the crowds to day-drinking and calling your ex, a pair of Christmas Pajamaralls® provides all the enthusiasm you need to pull yourself out of the depths of seasonal affective disorder and deck those halls, trim those trees, and raise up those glasses of Christmas cheer. Strap on a pair of Christmas overalls and transition seamlessly from finally taking your shot with your coworker crush at the office Christmas party to watching Die Hard back at your place. And since these are Christmas overalls for adults only, it's not a far stretch to consider our Christmas Pajamaralls® the lazy man's lingerie. Rumor has it that more than a pair or two of these have been found discarded underneath the mistletoe, but with so many pockets to hide flasks and other goodies, plus adjustable straps that make for an easy on and off, it's easy to see why they'll have you feeling extra jolly.