Christmas Print Turtlenecks

Turtleneck fashion is back baby, and better than ever. When you’re sipping some spiked eggnog on a crisp Christmas morning, a Christmas turtleneck keeps your neck warm and radiates holiday energy. Not sure what to wear to all holiday parties? A Christmas printed turtleneck is both the fit for the evening mingling and for dropping it low to Jingle Bell Rock after 6 peppermint schnapps. Need to cover that hickey from the family? An ugly Christmas turtleneck has your back. Not to mention Christmas turtlenecks are the highest class of sweaters, so wearing one automatically gives you the right to the head of the table to look down upon your peasant cousins at the family dinner.

Create a Laugh in our Ugly Christmas Turtlenecks

Our ugly Christmas turtlenecks were created for only two reasons this holiday season: to bring giggles to your day or night, and to hide some unwanted hickies. You can’t deny the fact that these Christmas printed turtlenecks are slightly absurd at times. This simple and sweet green candy cane turtleneck seems innocent enough, but we decided to call it Santa’s Shiv. Most people don’t know that Santa was an inmate before he was the big red jolly man. Have you ever wondered why no one has caught him coming down the chimney? Well, snitches get stitches. Looking for a different themed women’s or men’s turtleneck? How about Lord Farquaad’s Fit Of Rage? This iconic piece of wearable artwork is inspired by the villain in the Shrek series. If you don’t know who he is, shame on you. These sweet gingerbread men are being dismembered because of your lack of cultural knowledge. These Christmas turtlenecks not only have thought provoking designs, they also are extremely useful when you accidentally get a hickey during the holidays. Pack one of these ladies and mens unisex turtlenecks when you go home for Christmas, because you never know what kind of trouble you will be getting into.

Be the Life of the Party in a Christmas Turtleneck

We’ve got everything you need to be the center of attention at every holiday occasion this year. These Christmas turtlenecks were created to stand out. We don’t stop with the basic red and green women’s and men’s Christmas printed turtlenecks. These themed winter shirts go above and beyond the simple Christmas color scheme. With designs like The Yard Sale, people are going to be asking you all night where they can snag a soft themed turtleneck like that. The Yard Sale features some talented skiers with a retro feel. What about something a little simpler? The Wood You Rather turtleneck will make you look like the tallest tree in the forest, and you’re gonna love it. But if these designs are just too loud for you, considering all of the Christmas blazers and dresses you will pair them with, we also have plain soft white and black turtlenecks. The Let It Snow and The Stocking Full Of Coal will match under any jumpsuit or suit jacket you sport this holiday season.