4/20 Underwear

“Do you feel anything yet? Maybe we should take another bite.” This sentence has only ever led to regret. But one thing you won’t regret is looking smoking hot in this collection of weed underwear. Whether you’re laughing with friends or locking yourself in the bathroom because EVERYONE IS LISTENING AND THEY TOTALLY KNOW, weed boxers and weed panties will keep you looking stylish while you relax/have a freak out. And ladies, you can finally throw out those old plastic bags and empty pill bottles, because a weed thong is a much more fashionable way to store your goods. Our marijua-underwear collection (trademark!) is available in petite to plus size weed panties. We say it’s time to stop being bossed around by that uptight calendar on the wall and start treating each and every day like it’s 4/20. And there’s no better way to cover your tush in some kush than with this collection of 420 underwear. It’s also not a bad idea to gift your buds some weed underwear so they don’t get mad at you for bogarting the supply. CAUTION: If you’re going to light up this chronic underwear, just make sure to take them off first.