Win a gold medal for fashion without having to lace up your figure skates with this long sleeve skater dress. The long sleeves tell the world “I’m a good girl, like Nancy Kerrigan.” While the short skirt screams “Get the f*ck outta my way because I’m Tonya Harding.” With a low neckline, long sleeves, and a short skirt, this women’s skater dress lets you flaunt your confidence while keeping an air of mystery. This casual skater dress is stylish enough for a fun night out, and flirty enough for a fun night in. Oh and did we mention the most important part? This cute skater dress has mother flipping pockets. POCKETS. Is there any word more musical to your ears? We’ve got you covered with two pockets, conveniently located along the waist so neither of your hands have to miss out on the action. We recommend filling those pockets with 1-2 more skater dresses. You can never be too prepared. Without a doubt, this is hands down the most comfortable, flowy, flattering skater dress you’ll ever find. And sure, you’ve never had to jump into a figure skating competition straight off the street before, but who knows what the future holds?