Spaghetti Strap Dresses for Women

The wait is over and it’s finally summertime! Full disclosure, you may have to travel to the opposite hemisphere for that statement to be true, but isn’t it nice knowing you’re never more than a 22 hour flight away from summertime bliss? This cute spaghetti strap dress is the perfect outfit for those hot summer nights. This light, flowy, breathable strap dress is a fun look for a barbecue, brunch, or like a super casual Quinceañera. Stay cool and look cool by finally letting the world see your beautiful shoulders you’ve been hiding away all winter. This strappy dress is sure to make you stand out at any cocktail party with its deep neckline and stylish patterns. People’s mouths will definitely water when you walk on by. Mostly because the spaghetti straps remind them of a delicious fettuccine bolognese. Throw on this fun, flirty dress and enjoy a day out with the girls. By which we mean your friends not your boobs. Although obviously your boobs are always welcome to join. And you can say goodbye to wedging your phone into your bra, because this strappy dress has pockets galore. Sure, in this case “galore” = 2 but that’s still 2 more pockets than your other dresses have.