Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Unless that gift horse is the difference between making a quick buck on Lucky Rider or riding public transit home after you lose $50k on Kentucky’s biggest day. Either way, you’re better off looking like a winner while you lose, so the equestrian experts here at Shinesty bring you a collection of men's derby suits, derby sport coats, and just about everything else you need to class it up on race day. Long story short, a men's derby suit keeps the horses happy and the wallet whole. For the most part.

Fine-fitting Derby Suits & Blazers

This wild patterned derby sport coat was made for you, my friend. You know what else was made for you? The matching suit pants making this one of the most fantastic derby suits on the market. The jockey has his horse, but you have the best apparel to put everyone else at the Kentucky derby to shame. These men's derby suits are colorful and built to help you rake in the cash. We know you'll be gambling in these derby day suits, might as well go all out, right? Bet an extra hundred, down an extra beer, and get one of these colorful outfits to match the hype mood. You've got a knack to pick the fastest horse in the race, and you've got an eye for style that has brought you here. Don't second guess your instincts. Get some derby clothing now. Get free drinks when you wear cool shit.

Jackets and Sport Coats for Any Derby Day

If you've ended up on this here webpage, the time to buy a derby sport coat is now. There is no more time left for hesitation, the horses are ready to run and I can see Kentucky in the distance (or maybe it's just my favorite dive bar, but that's beside the point.) Derby season is upon us, and these derby suits are the best clothing to get you through the races. Whether you're wearing one of these men's derby suits to gamble your life savings away, or to just get a little tipsy with friends while yelling at horses, these are the best outfits on the market. Get yourself one of these derby day suits before they're gone.