Looking for a derby dress? Or an outfit for a derby party? Perhaps some derby accessories? Shinesty loves a good derby and we've got the women's derby dresses to prove it. There's nothing like an antiquated horse race to bring out the prepster in all of us.

Women's Derby Dresses

Derby hats may be fantastic, but what you really need is one of these derby dresses when you go to Kentucky. These outfits are made for the special occasion of watching one really fast horse run around a track while you sip on a sweet beverage in some fantastic themed apparel. These women's derby dresses were made to impress. With bright colors, simple pastels, elaborate patterns, and matching clothing for your mans, you may need to get more than one. You can dress for derby, but these outfits are not limited to one occasion. Be an outfit repeater, you've earned it. Wear these sweet dresses to your next backyard BBQ, or maybe on a sunny patio during Saturday brunch. The possibilities are endless, gal. So go ahead and grab that big hat you wore last year, but spice things up with a brand new derby dress for ladies. Who's thirsty?

Dresses for any Derby

These derby dresses were made to impress. Grab your gals and coordinate your outfits with these women's derby dresses. From apparel like our signature adjustable wrap dresses with derby themed patterns, to the ever popular and sexy jumpsuit, we've got the perfect clothing for all of your ladies to be wearing different women's derby dresses. Kentucky won't know what hit them when you and your crew come through in these fab outfits. Forget about watching some horse run around a track, all eyes are going to be on you and your hotness. It's time to dress for derby and get down.