Better wake up an hour early, because you'll need the extra time to tie these Derby bow ties . But before you set your alarm, just know that we're only kidding. We would never put you in a position where you have to tie a Derby tie. You'd get frustrated and sweaty and you'd probably end up asking your wife for help. This has totally never happened to me.

Fine Bow Ties for Derby Day

These derby bow ties are the finishing touch to your derby themed outfits. You don’t get many opportunities to really dress up these days. Everyone and their mother gets to wear casual apparel to work. Back in the day, my grandfather wore a bow tie to work every single day, and let me tell ya, he looked dapper as hell. If watching a horse race around a track is the only excuse you have to wear fancy clothing, then heck, you’ve gotta take it. These derby ties match the patterns of our derby themed suits and they will complete any look you’ve got going. I’m going to venture to guess that you have no idea how to tie a bow tie. Never fear, because these little numbers are pre-tied to ensure maximum attractiveness on your neck. Trust me, you’re going to like the way you look when you roll up to the party wearing one of these derby ties.

Ties to Complete the Derby Outfit

One of these derby bow ties is guaranteed to make your clothing choice look 100x’s better when you head to your Kentucky derby party this year. Don’t settle for jeans and a collared shirt this year, you’re better than that. Wear one of these derby ties with the matching blazer and suit pants to create one of the most attractive outfits you’ve ever worn. Have you ever heard the saying, “dress for success”? Well, when you wear apparel that makes you look good, you will feel good too. Watch a speedy horse race around a track with a man on its back while you straighten your perfectly tied bow tie and give yourself a pat on the back. You look damn good.