A Tale Of Two Parties: Crazy Suits vs Lazy Suits

Imagine two parties. At one party, the guests are wearing plain black suits and drinking wine in silence. At the other party, everyone’s wearing fun suits and drinking shots straight from the bottle. Which party would you rather be at? Unless you have a sexual kink where you get off on going to funerals, I’m guessing you’re gonna choose party number two. And you’ll fit right in with a men’s printed suit from our collection of irreverent outfits. Our crazy suits for men are designed to show off your personality and create a fun, light-hearted atmosphere. Here’s something that’s never been overheard at an event where people are decked out in our cool suits: “This party sucks bro. Everyone’s laughing a lot and the photos are already getting tons of likes on Insta. Let’s get out of here.”

To Suit Or Not To Suit: Does A Funny Blazer Need Funny Pants?

“Will I still seem cool at a party if I’m only wearing a funny blazer instead of a funny suit?” We get asked this question all the time. The answer is of course you’ll still seem cool! But only half as cool, so it’s a risky move. “What if I just wear funny pants without a funny blazer?” This one’s a gray area. You can always act like your funny blazer is on a chair in another room or something. But you’ll only still achieve 75% coolness at best. When it comes to over-the-top outfits, you definitely want the carpet to match the drapes. The blazers and pants of our party suits are designed to work together to create an overwhelming impression for the other partygoers that you’re a fun person that they definitely want to have a drink and/or sex with.