Is an uncomfortable, ill-fitting, restrictive suit making you dread going to fun activities like weddings, dances, and funerals? That’s about to change thanks to our revolutionary Ultimate Suit. This athletic stretch suit is made from proprietary fabric that’s soft, ultra stretchy, non-wrinkle, water-resistant and anti-microbial. Which means thanks to our men’s stretch suit, synchronized swimmers can finally wear something more formal than a bathing suit. These athletic fit suits are packed with secret features. The blazer hides a key carabiner, detachable bottle opener, large hidden zipper pocket, RFID passport/credit card pocket, a fold out pocket square, and a cigar pocket. If you don’t smoke, it can also hold an emergency hotdog. Even the pants on these stretchy suits are cutting edge, featuring a hidden side zip pocket for your phone, and a silicone grip waistband to ensure your pants only slide down at THE END of the night. And because guys come in all shapes and sizes, you can mix and match the pants and blazers of these athletic suits to customize the fit for your body type. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Shinesty suit if the blazers didn’t have kickass lining to let your personality shine.