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In order to successfully sin and get away with it, you'll need to hide your face. Does this Mardi Gras suit with masquerade masks hide everything but your face? Yes, so you're pretty much screwed if you want to commit any sort of misdemeanor and/or felony. 

Now, onto the suit itself. It's the only suit suitable to lift you from societal constraints and into the anything-goes-for-a-day sinner you've longed to be for the past year. Hold nothing back and take no regrets wherever you go because you're now a walking soiree of sin, and a gluttonous one at that.


Product Details

  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Material: 100% Polyester 
  • Designed in Boulder, CO
  • Includes blazer and tie, pants sold separately 
  • Mardi Pardi

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