Exclusive Shinesty x Margaritaville® Collection

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Welcome to the greatest match made in paradise. Introducing the one and only collection of officially licensed Margaritaville® by Shinesty Ball Hammock® pouch underwear. Slipping into a pair of these exclusive Margaritaville® boxers makes it feel like it’s always 5 o’clock no matter where you are. There’s no oasis quite like the one that’s filled with cheeseburgers, margaritas with salt, and parrot heads around every corner in their Margaritaville® clothing. Don’t worry, your toes don’t have to be in the sand to don the Ball Hammock® underwear in this collection. Take yourself on a beach vacation when you wear something from the finest Margaritaville® apparel available. Each pair of exclusive Ball Hammock® underwear on this page is inspired by a few of the greatest songs of our generation. Do you want to snack on a cheeseburger in paradise? Well, we’ve got the perfect pair of red Ball Hammock underwear for you. Worried about those fins circling around? Show ‘em you’re a friend, and not a foe with our yellow and blue pair. Dreaming of tequila, lime and salt? Our margarita Ball Hammocks™ have a women’s match too. Each pair of Ball Hammock® underwear also comes equipped with a built-in pouch to keep you secure. Get every pair with our signature Margaritaville® 6 pack.