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Our Heat Map sleeveless blazer is not an actual heat map blazer. We tried to make an actual thermal jacket. It was a disaster. The only two areas that showed any heat whatsoever were my pits and crotchal region. To be honest, I started getting worried that all other areas of my body were dying, if not already dead. It looked like I was wearing a blue jacket that had red Kool-Aid stains in weird places. I looked like a Bomb Pop that went through a manufacturing error and came out almost all blue except for random red spots. I was like a Smurf that ran a marathon recently and in doing so developed such bad chaffing that my armpits bled. Bad times.  

Product Details

  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Designed in Boulder, CO
  • Material: Made of Premium 100% Polyester aka the type of material that makes you look like a gawd damn GQ model. 
  • Crafted with fully-fused front panels and collar, horsehair-canvas internal structuring
  • External double welt flap pockets and single welt chest pocket; four internal double welt pockets so you can stash cigars, flasks, or any other vices you deem necessary
  • Horn buttons that look so nice they'll make Ralph Lauren jealous

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