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Shinesty on MTV2: Six Episodes of Weird Television

Mix 10 mediocrely-good-looking twenty-somethings with a major TV network, add some melodrama, and boom - you get reality TV. This six-episode “docu-comedy” is not appropriate for all ages and features casual nudity, kidnappings, bikini waxes, irreverent clothing, countless weiner shaped food jokes, and a variety of other very strange incidents that actually do happen in our office every week.

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Can I stream the Shinesty MTV reality show?

Yes and no. Yes if you have a cable subscription and want to watch it on MTV2’s site after the episode has aired. It will not be available on Hulu or Netflix. After it airs it may be available on-demand depending on your local cable provider. We know you don’t have cable. We don’t either. Our team literally has to go over to Anna’s parents' house just so we can watch our own TV show. Go to your parents’, rent a hotel room, try your ex’s login, or shoulder-tap an elderly neighbor…people over 45 years old are keeping cable companies in business

Where can I watch it?

Thursdays at 8PM Eastern / 7PM Central on MTV2. See the full Shinesty MTV2 schedule here.

Why am I just now hearing about Shinesty’s TV show?

  1. It slipped from a Fall 2016 (implication: peak TV-watching season) MTV premier to a Summer 2017 (implication: no one is watching TV unless it’s Game of Thrones) MTV2 premier.
  2. ET told our publicist “Shinesty is not big enough for ET to cover right now.”
  3. A variety of mild sexual scandals meant this show was almost cancelled for good.

Is #3 above factually correct?

No, but we are in the entertainment business now and sex sells.

Is a frog’s ass water-tight?

Yes. Without question, a frog’s ass is water tight.


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