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Women's Heel Hammock™ Super Stupid-Soft™ Socks


Calling all ladies out there who get cold toesies - these women’s socks are for YOU! Oh and also all ladies who wear shoes that require socks…like tennis shoes, booties, tall boots, medium height boots, cozy slides, slip on sneakers…basically anything other than open toed shoes…these are for YOU. Find your new favorite pair (or two) of the greatest socks ever made: Heel Hammock™ super stupid-soft™ ankle and crew socks. These cute socks for women are simply brimming with amazing features. First of all, these ladies' socks come in simple and whimsical patterns for any mood, but they’re not just nice to look at. Heel Hammocks have a cushioned footbed for added comfort and a ribbed shaft (for your pleasure). They’re made with fibers called worn-well™ yarns. The more you wear them, the softer they get. These socks also feature wash-to-fit™ technology so that after every wash, they go back to their original tightness so that they don’t feel old or worn out. It makes every time feel like the first time. Try a pair today and experience your first footgasm.