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Prom Suits

Funny prom suits...because trying to impress your date's parents is no easy task, and let's be real - she has to be seen with you getting into and out of that super stretch limo. An amorphously tailored tux from Men's Warehouse (or worse) is guaranteed to smell like feet and fit like garbage. Plus, why spend $300 on a used tux you when you can spend $99 on a cool suit, skip the hassle of cleaning/returning it, and spend the other $200 on literally anything else you could want. Her parents won't like you anyway, so there's no harm in showing up in a cheetah prom suit to whisk their little girl away. Plus, Shinesty's awesome proms suits will never go out of style. Baby blue prom suit? Pink prom suit? American flag prom suit? CLASSICS. 

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