You: A rugged outdoorsman/woman who doesn’t play by the rules. You make your own rules...then you break them. You work hard and when the work is done, you grab a six-pack of Montucky Cold Snacks and relax hard. Us: The people who want to give you clothes so you don’t freeze to death drinking outside naked. So crack open a cold one and look good doing it with this exclusive line of Montucky Cold Snacks clothing. From sweaters to pajamas, these duds will keep you warm on the outside while the Montucky beer flowing through your bloodstream keeps you warm on the inside. After all, just because you’re drinking a cold snack doesn’t mean you want a cold sack/rack. Do you want some uptight, corporate beer logo on your chest, or do you want a wild stallion running free through the Montana wilderness? With designs showing off the mountain sunset against a big sky blue backdrop, these clothes capture what it means to be a true Montuckian. So show off your backwoods spirit with this official line of Montucky beer clothing. Oh and if you’re someone who just likes clothes with horses on them, these should work for you too.