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Mens Christmas Socks, Ties and Bow Ties


The Perfect Christmas Gift: Men's Christmas Socks & Ties

Men’s Christmas accessories like socks and ties are a classic no-fail gift for bosses, in-laws, the mailman, your tattoo removal specialist, and anybody else you don’t really know that well but still feel obligated to shop for during the holiday season. However, finding the best and most unique Christmas gifts for men is notoriously difficult, because everybody and their brother has an Etsy shop claiming to offer the perfect stocking stuffers for the men in your life. Nine times out of ten though, those handcrafted items are little more than shoddy holiday kitch, eager to disappoint their recipient until you make another halfhearted attempt at gift giving next year. Say “bah humbug” to terrible gifts, and opt to give your coworkers a pair of funny men’s Christmas socks or an ugly Christmas bow tie, making you the life of the office Christmas party with even less effort than the company put into your holiday bonus. Since the Shinesty collection of men’s Christmas socks and funny Christmas ties and Christmas bow ties come with the kind of outrageous holiday cheer you can’t get with a gift card, you might even fool yourself into thinking it really is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Shinesty's Men's Christmas Accessories Make Party Outfits Even Better

Besides livening up stuffy office Christmas parties, a pair of funny men’s Christmas socks or an ugly Christmas tie can add just enough fun to your outfit to keep you entertained during any number of boring holiday obligations. So you said you were going to watch your bratty nephews be sleepy shepherds in the live nativity? Better make that two pairs of Christmas socks; it’s gonna be cold out there. Headed out to the all-night grocery to grab a last-minute can of your favorite cranberry sauce? Turn that errand into a true holiday outing when you add a little flair in the form of a Christmas bow tie, ‘cause you never know — you might run into that girl you’ve been chasing all year. Did you draw the short straw and reluctantly accept the task of representing your company at the inexplicably early annual 6am “Breakfast with Santa” put on by the local Chamber of Commerce? We recommend a Christmas tie AND men’s Christmas socks to tackle that brutal task. The moral of the story is that our men’s Christmas accessories make anybody look super fucking festive, even when you’re not.

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