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The sake bomber | tiger print party kimono


Fanny pack slides


Black polarized sunglasses for men


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To the zoo that banned me for life,

In my defense, I was dehydrated and had a rockin' headache. Was I on acid? Yes. Were the hard-boiled eggs covered in olive oil mine? Also, yes. Did I know I was in the Lion's Den? No, not until someone pointed and said, "Hey, that's the guy who tried to force feed me his slippery eggs!" I made these swim briefs as an apology, they're eggcellent. 


Dolph Lundgren

Product Details

  • Quick-drying, soft and smooth on your gear, high-res print
  • Fits tight, we suggest 1 size up
  • Fully lined with elastic waistband and drawstring
  • Don’t be a shirt swimmer
  • Inseam: Negative, Ghost Rider
  • Material: Shell: 88% Polyester, 12% Spandex; Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Hand Wash…well
  • Brand: Shinesty
"My Dong Sarong has made me the coolest kid at the retirement home. Free cookies and tuna sandwiches for days!"

Robert H.

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