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Men's Polar Pair™ Ball Hammock® Pouch Cooling Boxers

Well, howdy there pardner! It’s pretty hot this time of year so I reckon you’re gonna need to snag a pair of the best cooling underwear if you’re gonna mosey around these parts. Shinesty has developed a futuristic cooling boxer, complete with the world famous Ball Hammock pouch fancy folk use way out in New York City. Last week they brought a scientist out here in a wagon, and he talked about all the witchcraft that makes these puppies the best cooling underwear around. He wouldn’t stop yapping about the Ball Hammock pouch made from mesh, the cooling waistband, and how it was more durable than MicroModal, whatever that means. I’m just a simpleton, but even I could understand that these undergarments were quick drying and moisture wicking after he explained how the cooling minerals were integrated to create the best cooling boxer briefs. The ol’ ball and chain was complaining that I adjust my trouser varmint too much, so I skedaddled to the mercantile to snag a pair and haven’t looked back since. I reckon I might even get a pair for my horse if they made em that big. Anyways, sorry to chew yer ear off friend. Safe travels!

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