Animal Print Bathing Suits

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Animal print swimsuits will let all the macro fauna at the local watering hole know that you’re not here to pick off the weakest straggler in the pack, you’re going straight after the leader of the flock staring you down, just waiting for you to pounce. An animal print bathing suit the likes of a black panther one piece swimsuit, a leopard print swim brief, or other animal print bathing suits will take your animal swimwear game to 100 and your skinny dipping game to 0. And don't even get me started on our wolf swimsuits, eagle bathing suits, and other animal print swimsuit, because that'll make me too wild....get it? wild. classic comedy.

The top 5 animal prints to rock on your swim wear this summer (swim wear or swimwear?)

In nature, animal prints work hard to blend in, but these animal print swimsuits are made to stand out. WAY out. Hotter than a rerun of Kratt's Creatures, here are the top five animal print swimsuits making our jungle love say "oh we oh we oh."

5. The cat bikini and cat swimsuit are the rulers of the animal print swimsuit kingdom. Ready to pounce on anything that looks like fun and then curl up for a nap afterwards, it's no surprise these feisty felines sit in first place.

4. Spotted in second place (see what we did there), the cheetah print bodysuit and cheetah print bikini stimulate your natural instinct to embark on an Instagrammable sexual safari worthy of getting your account flagged for inappropriate content.

3. Like a cheetah, but with holes in its spots and in third place instead of second, the leopard bodysuit or leopard bikini inspires us to dust off our 1999 Bloodhound Gang CD and do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

2. Not a snake charmer? Well you are now! If Britney can make a giant snake look sexy, so can literally anyone. Achieve a less cumbersome level of eroticism with a snake print bikini or snake print bodysuit, slithering into our fourth place spot.

1. Let everyone know there's a kitty on the prowl when you slide yours into the sleek black panther bodysuit or tiger print bikini or bodysuit, all tied for our fifth and final place. Oh, and don't be afraid to start purring; we're into that.

Animal Print Swimsuit Styles to Keep Humans Off the Endangered Species List

No matter where your favorite animal print pattern placed in the rundown, you can get into playing the role of predator or prey with an animal print swimsuit to enhance all kinds of natural urges and abilities. For example, when you choose one of our jungle cat swimsuits like a leopard print bikini, you could experience anything from an enhanced licking skill set to the less popular effect of enhanced speed. Get comfortable with your animal instincts in a tiger print bikini and let instinct take over as you chase your lover around the water park like a laser pointer in the jungle. Or, show off your strongest muscle in a snake print bikini that says your anaconda does indeed want some, regardless of the bun situation. So pick your animal print and answer the phone. It's nature calling.