Fourgy Free Underwear Promotion Terms & Conditions (the “Promotion”)

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Last update: 11/27/2023

To qualify for the 1 free pair of underwear for every 3 underwear purchased promotion a "Qualifying Order" must be placed between November 28th, 2023 at 10:00 PM Mountain Time and December 7th, 2023 at 4:00 AM Mountain Time. To qualify, a Qualifying Order must be made for a new subscription or new ecommerce order and cannot be a recurring subscription order. For the purposes of the Promotion, all new subscriptions, including new quarterly (3 pairs delivered every 3 months) and new annual prepaid subscriptions will count as 1 pair toward the free pairs. For the purposes of this promotion, a "recurring subscription order" is defined as an order which renews during the promotion as part of an automatic subscription plan (e.g. Monthly Ball Hammock® Underwear Subscription) created at any point before the start of the promotion. Recurring subscription orders that do not qualify including those placed through the Subscriber Account Page Portal ( using "Edit Schedule" or "Send It Now" functionality.

A "Qualifying Order" is defined as containing 4 pairs of underwear, the lowest priced of which will be discounted to free during the period of the promotion. For every 4 additional pairs of underwear added to cart after the first pair has been reduced to free, the next lowest priced pair in the cart, regardless of when it was added to the cart, will be reduced to free. Additional underwear added from within the checkout as part of a post purchase upsell experience will not count toward additional pairs of underwear.

Returns & Exchanges: If a pair of underwear from a qualifying Order is returned and it would not longer have qualified for a free pair, the free pair(s) must also be returned. If the free pairs are not returned, Shinesty reserves the right to reduce the amount of any refunds subject to the value of the non-returned free pair(s) of underwear. Example: If an order contained 4 pairs of underwear and 1 is returned. The free pair must also be returned. If the free pair is not returned, any refunds will be reduced to account for the value of the free pair of underwear that was not returned. Exchanges for like items (i.e. underwear exchanged for underwear) are exempt.

Promotion cannot be applied retroactively. Promotion will be automatically applied to your cart. Any terms and conditions of this promotion are subject to change at any time, without notice, at Shinesty's sole discretion.