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The mascot | american flag ball hammock boxer briefs


Men's tuxedo jacket boxer briefs


Men's valentines day ball hammock boxer briefs


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Name's Dong. James, Dong. Dress your genitals to the 9s with these black tie tuxedo boxers. Why? Because first impressions are everything. That's why they offed Bambi’s mom in the first scene of the movie. Who’s gonna watch 90 minutes about a deer unless there’s some serious grit to it, maybe even the possibility of a Punisher level redemption plot? Like, why else would Bambi befriend someone named ‘Thumper’? But we’re getting off track. The point is you should always dress to impress. No one wants to sputter along in a Toyota Echo when they can roll up in a stretch hummer limousine. People notice the difference. Size matters. That’s why these high-class bow-tied nut huggers matter.

Product Details

  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Materials: 95% MicroModal, 5% Spandex (the second softest thing you can put your junk in), machine wash delicate, hang dry 
  • Lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, resists shrinking, fading, and wrinkling
  • 4-way stretch, gusseted crotch, and anti-bunching construction
  • Soft, flexible waistband
  • Durable no-itch flatlock stitching
  • Ball Hammock Technology: helps prevent the twins from getting crushed in the grundle

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