Thanksgiving Jumpsuits and Flight Suits


There are those who love turkey, and those who ham, but you know what everybody loves? A Thanksgiving outfit that is the perfect mix of spunky, sexy, and comfortable. Meet our Thanksgiving flight suits and jumpsuits. As the dance circle forms around you, you’re left with one decision. Shyly backoff, or drop that shit lower than black Friday prices. In a fall jumpsuit, you’ll know what to do. Thanksgiving is the holiday to eat some turkey and get twerky, and you better dress accordingly. Not only can you comfortably feast all day in a Thanksgiving jumpsuit that stretches and breathes with you, but you’ll look damn good doing it.

Step up your Thanksgiving Day look with a Thanksgiving Jumpsuit from Shinesty.

It's time to step it up by stepping into this Thanksgiving jumpsuit. Because Thanksgiving is not just a dinner it's a holiday and a true cause for celebration. Not since the first dinner between the pilgrims and the Native Americans has there been such a monumental development in the Thanksgiving world. As a history major editing this, I've gotta add how the pilgrims stole all the native's land, whilst spreading horrible disease and decimating an entire population. I'm talking about you Christopher Columbus - hope the afterlife blows. Anyways, the turducken comes close, as does the notion of giving thanks but both pale in comparison to the glory of this jumpsuit. In fact Thanksgiving Yearly, the ultimate news source for what to wear during the holiday, named this women's fall jumpsuit number one and then did not even bother filling out the rest of this list. That's because this fall jumpsuit is so stylish and cute that a recent poll revealed most women would rather burn all their clothes than have to show up to Thanksgiving in anything other than this autumnal masterpiece. This outfit is so festive, it counts as your contribution to the potluck. Be warned though, anyone who passes by you is at risk of neck injury given how fast they'll be whipping around to do a double take. And yet, as sure as leaves will fall, this jumpsuit will sell out. Ladies everywhere should jump on this opportunity to own a jumpsuit they can be truly thankful for.

Looking for the perfect fall outfit? A Thanksgiving Jumpsuit might be the answer.

The holidays are a time to ask the big questions. Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? How on earth can I find the perfect fall outfit? And unless you invest in the Shinesty Thanksgiving jumpsuit, who knows why you're here or if your life has any meaning at all. Ladies, if you care about what to wear in this upcoming autumnal season then look no further. And since we're asking big questions, this women's fall jumpsuit is going to prove once and for all why it is better to receive than to give.