St. Patrick's Day Underwear

St. Patrick's Day is about letting loose in all the right ways. One wrong way to let loose is to pinch elderly folks who aren't wearing green. I saw someone do that. It was not well received. Another way to let loose incorrectly is to wear green underwear that has the support of a bouncy castle. March 17th involves a lot of walking, dancing, and tripping. You're going to want the sack support of our St. Patrick's day underwear to cradle your shamROCKS all nice like. And to be clear, shamrock boxers are not just for St. Paddy's. If you're from Ireland, you might as well sport our St. Patrick's Day boxers daily.

Green Underwear You Won't Mind Showing Off

The Irish have told us that the tipsy men and women of the world have to wear green on St. Patty's day to avoid being pinched. Well what if I don't even like the color green? Well do I have the perfect thing for you. St. Patrick's Day underwear is a quick fix to all of your strange color-hating problems. Slide into some shamrock covered St. Patrick's Day panties and St. Patrick's Day boxers this year. With patterns like these gold coins that won't melt in your mouth, to the luckiest of charms, and even the ugliest leprechaun known to man, we've got the best St. Patty's themed underwear on the internet. Slip into a silky smooth St. Patrick's Day thong and watch your panty lines disappear before your eyes. Nobody is getting pinched when you wear these St. Patty's undies. Getcha some matching pairs before your pot of gold runs dry.

St. Patrick's Day Boxers, Panties and Thongs for Men and Women

This St. Patrick's Day, you've got to elevate your game. It's not just about the green outfit that you wear that everyone gets to see, but also the St. Patrick's day underwear that only the lucky men and women of the world will get to peep. It's time to put that shamrock where it belongs: right on your crotch. Find the most wild and exciting St. Patrick's Day panties and St. Patrick's Day boxers on this page. From solid colors, to wild patterns, to things that should never be on a pair of boxers, we've got it all. Snag a St. Patrick's Day thong and get your booty to the bar.