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Funny St. Patrick's Day Shirts

Sorry, you've stumped us.

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*read in infomercial voice*. Tired of spending thousands on fancy St. Patricks day shirts just to have them wrecked by boozed up leprechauns trying to steal your gold? Sick of those messy beer stains ruining your beloved St. Patricks day shirts? Are you not a fan of the holiday to begin with? Fear not! Introducing the greenest place on earth (besides Colorado and Washington), our collection of funny St. Patrick's day shirts. We stepped up our game when we designed these babies, and you won't find anything like this at your local Walmart. You'll find only the most hilarious collection of women's St. Patrick's Day shirts and men's St. Patrick's Day shirts that will keep you from a pinching but won't keep you from a touching. You heard it here first.