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Sin City Underwear

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That’s a given. But luckily for you, what happens in your new pairs of men’s or women’s underwear from this new Sin City collection...ain’t gonna stay there. Introducing the unofficial underwear of Las Vegas. Get ready to hit The Strip in a pair of Vegas themed men’s Ball Hammock® pouch underwear and matching women’s underwear. Underneath your snazzy outfit…obviously. You probably should not go gambling wearing only a pair of these Las Vegas themed undies. That’s grounds to get you kicked out of the casino. Although, it’s very likely that wearing a pair of glow in the dark dice underwear will bring you good luck at the slots and the tables. And if you’re more interested in what happens at the room after blowing your life savings, then The Strip Poker matching pairs are for you. Betcha never seen a King’s booty cheeks until now.