paradICE™ Cooling Underwear

Keep your body cool when things get hot with paradICE™ Cooling Underwear. Our collection of cooling underwear is designed to keep you feeling cool as a cucumber all day long. Don’t believe us? Stick a cucumber down your pants and see for yourself. paradICE™ Cooling Underwear is made of an innovative temperature controlled fabric that feels cool to the touch. In fact, the patented brrr° fabric is scientifically proven to keep you up to 3° cooler. Now you can experience the refreshing icy breeze of sticking your privates in the kitchen freezer without the hassle of getting a stepladder out of the garage first. The cooling sensation not only lasts all day, it lasts for the life of the underwear. That’s because paradICE™ Cooling Underwear is infused with natural cooling minerals that stand the test of time. But paradICE™ Cooling Underwear doesn’t just keep you cool. It also keeps you dry. With fabric capable of Hyper Wicking and Performance Drying, unwanted moisture doesn’t stand a chance. And built-in mesh panels improve natural airflow where your body needs it most. Available in Men’s Cooling Ball Hammock® Pouch Underwear, Women’s Cooling Thongs, and Women’s Cooling Bralettes, paradICE™ Cooling Underwear will make you freeze your ass off. But like in a good way.