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Reusable Face Masks

This hot little potato of a planet we live on keeps on changing so we must as well. It's time for you to start roaming the streets in the best reusable face masks you can get your contagion spreading mitts on and that starts here. A funny face mask tells the world "sure I'm terrified about my impending doom, but at least I've got a good sense of humor about it". Is this the best face mask you can get your hands on? Well, those are actually tied up in an international piracy scandal, but these are definitely the next best mouth masks to muzzle your maw.


Face masks and mouth masks to keep your pie hole covered.

The CDC is recommending that everyone wear a face mask to shield your pie hole from germs. These masks also help prevent you from passing those icky germs. Feel like you don’t need a face shield? Let me explain it to you this way: If someone was running around naked and peed on you, you’ll get wet right away. If you’re wearing pants and someone pees on you, you’ll still get wet, but it will take longer to get through. Now imagine that BOTH of you are wearing pants. Now the pee bandit just pees all over themself and you don’t get peed on. That, my friends, is why face masks are important to be worn when going out in public. You don’t need to wear a mouth mask while sitting on your couch, but when the facemask looks as good as these do, you might want to. Browse around and take a gander at these funny mace masks. Our designers have been working long and hard to bring you the wildest prints from the president’s mouth, to famous mustaches and retro designs. Save the proper PPE for medical professionals and opt for something that will make strangers at the grocery store do a double take. Find yourself a mask that tickles your lips on this page.

Buy yourself a custom face mask or dust mask to stay safe.

You need a face mask, and we’ve got enough face shields to cover every mouth in the world. (Well, technically these mouth masks are made to order, so everyone would have to buy one, but that’s beside the point.) As a humor-focused clothing company, we felt compelled to design adequate facemasks for the public. We knew we would gain the undeniable respect of meme lords, but we felt that wasn’t fully doing our part. When you purchase a face cover from this page, 20% of profits are donated directly to Get Us PPE. This non profit organization works to ensure that medical professionals are getting the proper personal protective equipment they need to continue to fight this asshole pandemic. You can wear a custom face mask to the grocery store, but doctors need the real deal. Go ahead and pick one of these masks that will make your co-workers giggle on your next zoom call, confuse your dog, and keep everyone around you safe. These funny face masks work as dust masks too. Keep naughty and harmful particles out of your pie hole with one of these mouth masks. If we all do our part and stick together while staying apart, we will get through this. 

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