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Women's Animal Print Thongs & Panties

Become the queen of the jungle with these animal print panties. A leopard print thong is the perfect thing to slip on when stalking prey, although these animal print underwear provide everything but camouflage. The treetops will be full of leopard print underwear clad apex predators, that is unless you're more about deforestation which we definitely don't condone. Anyways, check out our animal print panties.

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Rule the Animal Kingdom in these Women's Animal Print Underwear


Whether you’re the kind of woman who considers yourself to be more of a sweet little kitten or a sophisticated cougar, wearing a cheetah or leopard print thong gives all women the unwavering confidence of a sleek and powerful lioness who’s hot on the prowl. That’s because every walk feels like a catwalk when your lovely lady lumps are all dressed up like a sexy jungle cat from a totally classy, high end adult film studio.

The moment you see yourself in a pair of our silky soft animal print panties, you’ll start to purr like a kitten, and before long, you’ll find yourself pouncing on your boo thang like he’s smuggling a firmly packed bag of high quality catnip. But you should know that’s definitely not catnip in his pocket. He’s just really, really happy to see you in that animal print underwear. As for what he’s hiding in there, you’ll have to find out for yourself. 

Buy the Sexiest Leopard Print Thongs & Underwear from Shinesty

We know there are as many choices of animal print underwear as there are women who wear them, but when you make the choice to get up close and personal with a leopard print thong that comes from Shinesty instead of some other animal print panties you’ve managed to extract from beneath an excessive amount of perfumed tissue paper, you’re choosing to embrace the natural charisma that makes you the coolest cat in the pride instead of falling quietly in line with those other basic bitches. Rest assured you’re not going to find any prissy angels wearing our undies. That’s right, try looking over on your other shoulder. Lucky for you, Shinesty animal print panties bring out the bad girl in every good girl so you can abandon your inhibitions along with that fussy little pink bag. After all, a Shinesty leopard print thong is too sexy to be kept secret.

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