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  • Unisex
  • Military design, 3 adjustment points for the perfect fit
  • Ballistic and solar protection, optimal peripheral vision
  • Polarized: light transmission: 15%, lens: 1.2mm high index plastic, width: 539 inches/137mm
  • Comes with microfiber glasses bag, additional earpieces, and stealth croakie 
  • Brand: Pit Viper


If you don't remember the days of the iTunes Visualizer then these neon green and blue polarized Pit Viper sunglasses (wow that was a mouthful) are definitely not you for you. Let me paint a picture for you... Colors, shapes, spheres all syncopated for your very playlist; The pinnacle of any middle schoolers experimental existence. A 6th-grade stoners wet dream, the most fun I had on a Friday night in 2008 and the reason why we nicknamed these blue and green pit vipers the Visualizers. 

These blue mirrored Pit Viper sunglasses are visually stimulating without the psychedelics, functional without the music but totally acceptable for going to Middle Earth. Trust us, our entire marketing team wore them to Coachella, which ended up just being a 3-day research chemical bender in our bosses basement. So Jens, if you're reading this, it was when you were out of town at that email conference and I promise we cleaned up after ourselves...

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