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Black and peacock ball pouch boxers


Gold digger double wide pit viper sunglasses


I like big bumps retro winter headband


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  • Unisex
  • Military design, 3 adjustment points for the perfect fit
  • Ballistic and solar protection, optimal peripheral vision
  • Non-Polarized: light transmission: 15-90%, lens: 2.8mm polycarbonate, width: 5.39 inches/137mm
  • Comes with microfiber glasses bag, additional earpieces, and stealth croakie 
  • Brand: Pit Viper

The Miami Nights are like a fine wine. However, rather than being paired with cheese, they go best with mullets, monster truck rallies, and John Denver's 1980 hit - Dancing with the Mountains. So, really, they're not like a wine at all and more of, "your 8th PBR." 

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