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Mardi Gras Costumes for Men and Women

The line is blurred when it comes to what makes a Mardi Gras costume a costume. Up until last year, I thought everyone was just wearing beads until I was approached by a masked human begging me to stroke the faux fur on their bear costume. Has Mardi Gras become Halloween's second coming? Yes. Is Mardi Gras really just another excuse to get plastered. Yes. Can you save 15 minutes by switching to Geico? I don't know. All I know is we whipped up the most costume filled collection of Mardi Gras costumes for men, Mardi Gras costumes for women and even plus size Mardi Gras costumes so anyone and everyone can suck down Sazerac like a the masked Mardi Gras-er they are.

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