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Money Back Promotion Terms & Conditions

To qualify for Shinesty Money Back Promotion a “Qualifying Order” must be placed between 05/26/2022 at 12:01 AM Mountain Time and 05/30/2022 at 11:59PM Mountain Time. A Qualifying Order subtotal must be greater than or equal to $100 To qualify, a Qualifying Order must be made for a new subscription or new ecommerce order and cannot be a recurring subscription order. For the purposes of this promotion, a “recurring subscription order” is defined as an order which automatically renews during the promotion as part of an automatic subscription plan (e.g. Monthly Ball Hammock Underwear Subscription) created at least 3 weeks before the start of this sale.

For Qualifying Orders, money back will be issued in the form of a $25 store credit for every $100 spent. Every $100 increment is based on the Qualifying Order Subtotal. Order Subtotal DOES NOT include shipping costs, taxes or other order discounts (such as first time customer or subscriber discounts) Credit will be delivered to purchasers by email using the same email used for the Qualifying Order, within 14 business days of the Qualifying Order being placed.

Redemption & restrictions: Money back issued in the form of a store credit and will expire 1 year from date issued. Money back can be applied toward purchases from This credit cannot be redeemed for subscription credits on existing subscriptions.

Cancellations, Returns, Exchanges & For Qualifying Orders: Qualifying Orders may be canceled, returned or exchanged according to our Terms & Conditions, and additional restrictions and details are as follows:

If order is canceled or returned in full at any point, the $25 Money Back store credit will be disabled. If order is partially returned or refunded and the total drops below the $100 Order Subtotal after all applicable refunds have been accounted for, the $25 Money Back store credit will be disabled. Example: a Qualifying Order is placed for $105, receives an $25 Money Back store credit, and later an item valued at $20 is returned and is issued a refund of $20. The $25 Money Back discount code will be simultaneously disable.

If a Qualifying Order is canceled or due a refund, and Money Back has already been redeemed in an order placed after Qualifying Order (hereafter referred to as a "Subsequent Order(s)") the Qualifying Order refund will be issued minus any amount of Money Back redeemed in Subsequent Order(s). Example: A Qualifying Order with an Order Subtotal of $105 is canceled and due a refund in-full but the Qualifying Order's $25 Money Back has been redeemed in a Subsequent Order. This Qualifying Order will receive a refund of $80 ($105 Qualifying Order Subtotal - $25 Money Back redeemed in Subsequent Order = $80).