For those of you who&ve ever wondered what it&s like to put your South Pole in a meat freezer...


Ball Hammock® Polar Pair™ Underwear

Featuring brrr°®'s proprietary fabric that proactively reduces the temperature of your skin and hyper wicks sweat by amplifying moisture movement.

The enhanced fibers feature concentrated cooling minerals built into the fabric so cooling is permanent and will not wash away over time.

cooling minerals
active wicking
rapid drying

Sweat has met its match

We could tell you how the proprietary fabric is made with cooling fibers to reduce the temperature of your skin, actively wicks moisture, and dries 2 minutes faster than its competition, but you just care that your undercarriage stays cooler throughout the day.

All these cooling features mean you can take on these activities without bringing embarrassment to your family name:

  • Sit on pleather golf cart seats without needing a spatula to stand up
  • Take on 12 hours at Disney World in the same pair of underwear
  • Indulge in a 3 hour outside brunch without waterboarding your backside

So what is this witchcraft? They call it the Triple Chill Effect®

enhanced cooling minerals

intensifies the concentration of the cooling effect

up to 35% cooler

hyper wicking

amplifies moisture movement for enhanced comfort

4x more moisture wicking

performance drying

delivers an increased fresh and crisp experience

2x faster drying

But we didn’t stop there...

Of course you could point & shoot a handheld fan down your pants all day, or you can rest easy knowing these bad boys are built with:

Mesh fabrics in the gusset and lower back to keep heat moving

Cooling fibers in the waistband to eradicate sweat

An updated fly (in case you REALLY want to feel a natural breeze)


Light blue

What do you have to lose aside from crouching in front of Home Depot’s entrance fans?