Men’s Boxer Briefs: You’re Probably Wearing Them Right Now

Traditional boxer shorts are pointless. They offer no support whatsoever. You might as well just wear cargo shorts under your pants. At least all those extra pockets give them some functionality. On the other end of the spectrum are traditional briefs, AKA tighty whities. Here’s a sentence you don’t hear a lot: “Look how hot that guy is. I can’t wait to take him home and strip him down to his tighty whities.” But combine these two styles of underwear and suddenly you’ve got a game changer: Men’s underwear boxer briefs. The coverage of boxers meets the support of briefs. Remember when you put on your first pair of boxer briefs for men? It felt right and you never looked back. That’s why we strive to offer the best men’s boxer briefs in the entire world. Or at least in the entire websites you shop at.

Why Are Your Men’s Boxer Briefs Made With A Pouch?

Ah, I see you’ve noticed the Ball Hammock® pouch underwear feature. You’ve got a keen eye. (Although it is bright teal and touches your balls, so it would be a little concerning if you DIDN’T notice the pouch.) Slipping into a pair of ultra soft boxer briefs with a pouch is like putting your balls into a sports bra. The pouch technology separates and supports your balls from your taint. Now you can jump around all you want without those things flapping around and hitting you in the face. The Ball Hammock® pouch supports your boys all day long and helps prevent them from getting squished when you sit down. We’re so confident you’ll love our underwear, that if you try our Ball Hammock® pouch underwear and don’t think they’re the most comfortable boxer briefs, then they’re absolutely free. Simply put, the Ball Hammock® pouch is what makes Shinesty’s underwear the best boxer briefs for men.