Men's and Women's Halloween Underwear to Die for

Spooktacular halloween underwear is found right here on this page along with horrid puns that I refuse to apologize for. How about some gourdgeous pumpkin underwear to match your pumpkin’s underpants? Now THAT’S some spooky lingerie if you ask me. Speaking of things that are spooky, have I told you about that time my neighbor made a lasagna out of her newborn's placenta for “Nutritional purposes” and tried to sell me a slice for $10? Turns out it was “Schrödinger’s Placenta” because I was so hungry after eating it that it must have simultaneously existed and not existed in my stomach at the same time. I had to fork out another 20 bones just to get some pizza delivered later that night because of the stingy serving size. Shop Halloween lingerie for you and your boo right now, cuz we guarantee they’ll leave you more satisfied than Schrödinger’s Placenta.

Underwear Spooky enough to be your Halloween Costume

This Halloween underwear is so spooky, that experts say you don’t even need a costume when you’ve got couples matching pumpkin underwear. Now you may be asking, are there truly experts out there for spooky underwear? My answer is: I have no idea, but what does it matter? You’re still here reading about Halloween undies when you could simply be buying said Halloween underwear. Should you choose to go out of your way and still purchase a costume, it’s mandatory that it be a “sexy” version of your chosen character. You ever wanted to bang the person in the Goofy costume at Disneyland? No? Me either I guess….