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Last weekend I drank way too much trippy punch at a party and ended up spending 4+ hours scribbling on a huge sheet of poster paper in my friend's backyard while wearing this tie dye fanny pack. I spilled pounds of glitter glue on my fresh pair of Vans and had a conversation with a circle of conservative hippies about how their chakras are going to develop through mind-altering experiences and how they are going to smuggle two vials of angel tears into the beefed-up security at Sonic Bloom. I pulled two Silly Putty eggs out of the hidden pocket in my colorful fanny pack aka fanny fondler and shut those wooks up real quick.

*Editors' note: I don't know what the hell Dylan was writing here. But I like it, so we'll keep it the way he wrote it.

Product Details

  • Hard wearing premium Polyester fabric
  • Reinforced and adjustable waist strap
  • Hidden zip pocket to the rear of the bag for your bag 
  • Brand: Spiral 

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