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In 1986, Shell gas stations were saved from bankruptcy by selling American flag t-shirts. See, the collapse of oil prices in the 80s caused gas stations to go out of business left and right. Shell's chairman, Sir Peter Holmes, drank a fifth of absinthe one night, played "Night Ranger" by Sister Christian on repeat, and had an epiphany. USA shirts. Bald eagle shirts. America.

The next day, Holmes made a series of intriguing bank transfers that ultimately led to American flag tees being sold at Shell gas stations. He put 'em right by the smokes. Sold out in a day.

Product Details

  • Pre-Shrunk, Medium Weight, 100% Cotton
  • Relaxed, Classic Fit
  • Hand-Dyed With Organic Dyes
  • Printed With Soft, Non-Toxic Water-Based Inks
  • Reinforced Double-Stitching On All Seams

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