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Stay Weird & Shine On


If you spend much time in low light, you might already know that sunglasses come in handy even when the sun isn't assaulting your precious corneas. Maybe you have an old school film developing hobby and want to look like a badass while you're protecting your eyes from chemicals. Maybe you do your best skiing at dusk. Maybe you're trying to maintain the integrity of your secret identity while also getting yourself into a potentially messy situation in some low, possibly romantic lighting. Anyway, we're not saying they're specifically made for that, but we're not saying they're not.

Product Details

  • Unisex
  • Military design, 3 adjustment points for the perfect fit
  • Ballistic and solar protection
  • Light transmission: 32%, lens: 1.2mm High Index Plastic, width: 5.39 inches/137mm
  • Comes with microfiber glasses bag and additional earpieces 
  • Brand: Pit Viper


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