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Not since Magnum P.I. has wearing a Detroit sports logo looked this good. This suit jacket comes with loyalty, love, and pain. In fact, the easiest part about being a Lions fan is owning this suit jacket. But you already know that because you’ve got grit and patience. Those things, combined with this suit jacket, may just lead you to a first Super Bowl appearance.

When Stafford looks into the stands and sees the confidence you have to look this good, he’ll bathe in that confidence. He'll realize he doesn’t need Megatron to win because he has fans like you. Then the Lions will win it all (someday this will definitely happen). Eminem will write a song about you, Bob Seger will offer you a beer and you’ll drink it, and Kid Rock will wanna hang out but you’ll have other plans. Because - apologies to Kid Rock - you’re the greatest Lions fan of all time now, and you’ve got big things going.*

*We make no promises that any of the above will happen. It could, but we legally can’t have you thinking it will. Also, it’s the Lions, so keep those expectations low.

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Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185
Waist Size: 32
Jacket Size: 40L
Biceps: Never
Sign: Double Trouble

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