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People will finally stop asking you what you think of "The Wire" now that you own this Ravens blazer. You’ll also never let this blazer go, “because when you see something worth having, you never let it go.” Baltimore could’ve let go when they lost their team to some no-name city in Indiana, but they didn’t.

The football fans who cheered for Unitas hung their hats on a new group of players and never let go. And now, since you have excellent football and fashion choices, you get to hold onto this blazer and never let it go. Here at Shinesty, we have a strict “No Suit Relocation” policy. We’ll never sneak into your house in the middle of the night, pack up your blazer into a truck, and drive it to the location of some Gene Hackman basketball movie. That’s our promise to you. We’ll never leave you. Unless you buy both this blazer and the Colts blazer.

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Product Details

  • Officially licensed by the NFL (National Football League) 
  • Manufactured by Forever Collectibles 
  • Includes: Sport coat and tie (pants sold separately)
  • Materials: 100% polyester
  • Tailored fit 

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