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Men's st. patrick's day print suit


Ugly christmas sweater suit combo - shinesty


Shamrock printed skater dress


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We made a blue St. Patrick's day suit just to troll all the stiffs that will go out of their way to call us out. Jokes on them because we don't care about their opinion or their health. Just kidding about the last part.  This is 100% still a St. Paddy's day suit even if it's not green. Plus, I've just been told that the original color of St. Paddy's day was blue. So boom... this isn't as bad as 2016 when we accidentally made a four leaf clover suit.

Product Details

  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Designed in Boulder, CO
  • Material: Made of Premium 100% Polyester aka the type of material that makes you look like a gawd damn GQ model. 

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