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We are proud to introduce our first original fragrance, Mullet (pronounced mull-ay), by Shinesty.

Close your eyes for just a moment. It's mid-September, you are deep in the backwood Rocky Mountains on a small Jeep trail. The air is crisp and cool, your mouth tastes of burnt coffee. You feel the texture of tobacco between your cheek and gum even though nothing is there. You walk around for a look and right when you feel a large wad of cash in your pocket, you stumble upon an authentic Mexican rooster fighting bar and gambling ring. It's in the middle of the woods but your mind says you've known that all along.

You walk in, confused. Everyone refers to you as the "colonel." An old Native American woman brings you a bowl of Brazilian nuts and a glass of Mezcal. And that's when you smell yourself. The musk, it's undeniable. Beautiful chestnut undertones compliment the more intelligent Baja-Maplewood complexion and play off the Irish-American accent in such a way... everything is right. You take a deep whiff and intuitively start to understand exactly how life is supposed to work. Experience the musk. Experience Mullet.

an original fragrance by Shinesty

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