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  • Relaxed Fit, Model is 6', wearing size L
  • 5 pockets, functional zipper fly
  • Metal strap sliders, straps clip at front (drop one for a more redneck party)
  • 100% cotton denim, lightweight and durable
  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Designed by Dain in Boulder, Co


    Introducing our Jungle Tiger print overalls, fresh out the dojo of Shaolin. You think you can defeat my Wutang sword style? Well, you can... I only made it through green and purple belt when I took Tae Kwon Doe in 3rd grade. In fact, when I tried to split a measly .2 inches of wood and couldn't break through, my own father laughed at me. 

    So If I were to say my Tiger Kung Fu was better than yours, it would be a lie. That's why we named these jungle overalls the Tiger Style because when I wear them, I at least look like I can defeat a 3 Fist Style, even when I can't. Plus they've got a ton of pockets so I can bring a flying guillotine to a fist fight when someone questions my Shaolin style. So in the words of the late great Wutang Clan, I will bring the ruckus. *Proceeds to catch fly in the palm of my hands, only to realize I missed the fly entirely*

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