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When was the last time you hit the slopes without a little Schnapps in your system? I asked around the office and to my complete surprise, some of them do actually ski sober. For the rest of us, we scooped up these Whiski Ski Poles. If ski pole flasks are cool, consider these Miles Davis. Ski Patrol won't know the difference, and you won't know how to be careful. A win-win for everyone.

Product Details

  • High-performance ski poles with integrated flask in the cavity of the pole
  • Standard ski pole handle with proprietary screw off cap and cap-strap, funnel included 
  • Cavity holds 8 oz.
  • Not just novelty! Aircraft grade ALU 7075, 18mm diameter aluminum, poles go through an anodizing process to provide a corrosion-resistant & anodic 

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